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Firm Strategy

We help private equity firms develop strategies to grow their core business by standing out in particular sectors, regions, or types of deals, while finding new growth engines and strengthening the capabilities that make them distinctive.

Firm Strategy

Running a private equity firm has never been more demanding. Challenges include finding attractive investment opportunities, beating the competition to the best deals and fund-raising, and successfully driving value creation and exits, while attracting and retaining top talent. As the leading partner to the industry, we help you develop a tailored strategy that defines your target investment areas, identifies areas for expansion, and sharpens your angle of attack.

The sweet spot for a particular PE firm may lie along several dimensions—from core business to new growth engines, industry sector, or deal size, to the degree of control the firm seeks in its investments, to whether the focus lies primarily on growth opportunities, turnarounds, adjacencies, or cyclical plays. Whatever your targets, we help you draw a tight ring around them, leading to more efficient deal sourcing and sharpened due diligence. 

Our approach is continuously informed by our engagements with top PE firms and institutional investors globally. Ask us how we can help you deepen your understanding of where to play and how to win.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Client Results

Global Private Equity Report 2023

We explore every key trend, from web3 and decarbonization to new growth opportunities, the impact of lingering uncertainty, and more.

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Global Healthcare Private Equity and M&A Report 2023

Bain’s annual report reviews the macroeconomic forces shaking healthcare dealmaking and the reasons for long-term optimism.


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