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Sector Strategy

We help private equity firms make strategic choices around where to invest, identifying where the firm has differentiated expertise and a competitive advantage in sourcing deals and creating value.

Sector Strategy

For private equity firms and other financial investors, sharpening focus on industry sectors and organizing around them can generate superior returns. From deal generation and due diligence to the critical post-acquisition period, a firm with deep sector expertise is uniquely able to source opportunities, win deals, and build value. 

In our work with leading PE firms around the world, we help clients define the right sector strategy by diagnosing where they have distinct expertise and capabilities, zeroing in on the most promising subsectors and geographies, building deep proprietary insights around industry-shaping trends, and translating those observed dynamics into concrete investment theses. We inform these critical where-to-play decisions with proprietary data, developing rigorous answers to essential strategic questions.

DealEdge®, a private equity data and analytics platform, gives firm leadership an unbiased view of their performance vs. competitors. DealEdge allows PE firms to benchmark their deal returns against the market across subsectors, check sizes, and geographies. We also bring you the resources of Sutton Place Strategies, which we acquired in 2020. SPS shows investors which deals have taken place in a given subsector, the size of each deal, how competitive the process was, which intermediaries were involved, and—importantly—whether the PE firm was in the flow.

Let our team help you develop a sector strategy that maximizes your investment capabilities, improves your organizational design and decision making, and brings your portfolio to its full potential even as industry dynamics continue to shift.


DealEdge® is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc. and CEPRES GmbH.

What to Expect

What to Expect

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Raise Your Sector Strategy to the Next Level

Use Bain’s SPS and DealEdge platforms to identify sector potential, see the full scope of opportunities, and take your strategy to the next level

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Use Deal Data to Drive Your Fund Strategy

With DealEdge, you can compare subsector performance, identify attractive opportunities for investment, and calibrate your sector strategy.

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DealEdge® is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc. and CEPRES GmbH.